Using Templater > Source Footage Location

Source Footage Location

Footage sources for your dynamic layers can come from local or cloud-based resources.

Local footage sources for your dynamic layers should exist within a single folder that can be anywhere on your machine’s drive or local network. This folder contains the digital photo, video, and music files that Templater will import into your After Effects project as it performs its tasks. When Templater encounters paths to local footage files, it imports the files into After Effects.

When Templater encounters a URL for a cloud-based footage resource, it downloads to an automatically created folder named TEMPLATER DOWNLOADS. This folder is placed in the footage source directory specified in the Templater panel.

NOTE  After Effects may require some user interaction for specific file types that Templater imports on-the-fly such as Camera Raw files.

File references in the data source are relative to the source footage folder

NOTE  Templater does not currently support automatic timeline adjustments when substituting footage sources having different durations. This is a feature in development and will be available in a future version.