And just as the autonomic nervous system and the reflexes in the human body free the mind for its higher functions, so this new kind of mechanical order should bring about a similar freedom, a similar release of energy for the creative processes.

Lewis Mumford
Art and Technics
Published 1952, Columbia University Press

Embracing Automation

During the mid 20th century, Lewis Mumford was one of America's leading theorists, sociologists, and critics dealing with the relationship between technology, culture, and the arts. Mumford wrote about automation entering the realm of creative activity and expression. At Dataclay, we agree with Mumford's idea that automated systems can free the mind from menial tasks to refocus its energy on creativity.

Creativity and craft are subjects we care deeply about at Dataclay. We recognize that tools and technologies are only a small part of a larger equation for achieving breakthroughs in communication arts. Artists and designers using advanced technologies play a huge role in actively moving culture forward. Currently, computational technology drives the most versatile and powerful tools for artists and designers. Our products harness and tame those tools so you can focus on your innate human capacity to be creative.

With our products, we seek to free video content creators from the inefficiencies of menial data entry, allowing them to develop greater quantities of higher quality content in less time. Our products leverage the powerful industry-standard Adobe After Effects application that content creators and developers already use, promoting stress-free integration. We want our users to delight in their work and audiences to connect with their output.

Learning Templater

We've done our best to make Templater's documentation as thorough as possible. To dive right in, click any of the buttons below to learn more about Templater. The documentation contained in this site is for Templater 2.5. Documentation for version 1 is available if you need it.

Meet Templater

Templater is a workflow automation app for producing and distributing versioned video rendered from a master template. Its enterprise features provide a fully automated server solution for versioned video-on-demand, relieving technical operators from menial production tasks.

The Templater Advantage
  • An open standard for creating dynamic video templates
  • Easy integration with existing production environments and apps
  • An artificially intelligent layout engine for handling data variation
  • Solutions that save you thousands of hours of labor
  • Intuitive products designed with a user-centered approach


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