Executing a Task

You can have Templater execute specific tasks from the command line by configuring the property keys found within the tasks object in the templater-options.json file and then running Templater through the CLI. The tasks that Templater can perform via the command line interface are the following:

  • Render Templater uses the After Effects render engine to generate video files in the same manner as it would if you had pressed the Render button in Templater's main panel inside of After Effects.
  • Replicate Templater replicates the target composition with versioning data in the same manner as if you had pressed the Replicate button in Templater's main panel inside of After Effects.
  • Enable The Bot Templater places itself into a server mode and watches for new, ready data in the data source.
  • Activate Templater Bot License  Use this task to activate the license for Templater Bot (reseller builds only).
  • Deactivate Templater Bot License Use this task to deactivate the license for Templater Bot (reseller builds only).

NOTE  Previewing is unavailable through the command line interface. See Previewing a Composition for more information on previewing.

Follow these steps to execute a task:

  1. Ensure that you have configured the templater-options.json file. See Configuring Templater Options, Preferences, and Tasks for more information.
  2. Set which task you want Templater to execute by setting at least one of the property keys in the tasks object to true and the others to false. For example, to execute a render task, use the following configuration in the tasks object:
     tasks : {
               "render"         : true,
               "replicate"      : false,
               "bot_enable"     : false,
               "bot_activate"   : false,
               "bot_deactivate" : false
  3. Run the Templater launch script through the command line interface using the configured templater-options.json file. See Running Templater from the Command Line for more information.

Terminating a Task

Follow these steps to terminate a task running through the CLI:

  1. On Windows, close the command prompt, or on OSX close the terminal window.
  2. Double check the task manager on Windows or the activity monitor on OSX to ensure that After Effects is no longer running.  
  3. If After Effects continues to run, force quit the application.