Rendering and Replicating through the Command Line

Follow these steps to either render or replicate using the CLI:

  1. Ensure that the AE project file you would like to version through the command line interface is able to be versioned without error using the Templater panel in After Effects. See Rendering Versioned Video in a Batch Process or Rendering a Batch of Replicas Using Adobe Media Encoder for more information.
  2. Ensure that you have configured the templater-options.json file. See Configuring Templater Options, Preferences, and Tasks for more information. Set either render or replicate in the tasks object to true. All other property keys in the tasks object should be set to false.

    WARNING  When replicating, Templater saves changes to the AE project file regardless of the "save_on_completion" value. During replication, Templater removes all unused footage items.

  3. Run the Templater launch script through the command line interface using the configured templater-options.json file. See Running Templater from the Command Line for more information.