Specifying a Unique ID for Each JSON Object

To identify output, it is recommended that you designate your own identifying labels for JSON objects using a property key named id. If you choose not to designate ids, consider entering unique values in the output property key instead. If you do not specify identifying labels at all, Templater will use the object's ordinal position in the JSON array to generate unique identifier numbers.

NOTE  For output naming purposes, values in an output property key override values specified in an id property key.

  1. To designate your own identifying labels, create a new property key in each JSON object, and label it id.
  2. Specify a unique identifier for each JSON object using any combination of letters and numbers.
  3. When Templater creates an output, it names the output by appending your specified id to the job prefix and target composition name.
  4. To set a job prefix, enter a value in the Job Prefix field in the Output Options group of the Templater Preferences Panel.