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Handling Faulty Footage References and Missing Footage

You can choose how Templater will treat faulty footage references or instances where it cannot find footage sources referenced from the data source. Follow these steps to ensure smooth handling of faulty or missing footage:

  1. In the Templater panel, click Preferences to launch Templater Preferences.

  2. In the Footage group, choose an option from the When Templater cannot find referenced footage... drop down menu.

Options for dealing with missing footage include the following:

  • Ask me what to do Halt processing and display a dialog with the options listed below for dealing with faulty footage references.
  • Let me find the footage asset Select a replacement footage source interactively with your operating system's default file browser.
  • Skip the row Skip the entire row within the data source that contains the missing footage. Templater will not version that row and will skip directly to versioning data from the next row.
  • Use my branded placeholder Replace the missing footage with a source file referenced in the Placeholder for missing visual footage field or Placeholder for missing audio footage field. This is the recommended option because it ensures the smooth operation of batch processing.
  • Cancel the process Stop and cancel the versioning process.

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