Using Templater > Data Source > Tab-separated Value Files > Linking a TSV File to Your AE Project

Linking a TSV File to Your AE Project

Follow these steps to use a tab-separated value file or tab-delimited file as your data source.

  1. In the Templater panel, under Batch Assets, enter the absolute path to your TSV file into the Data source field. Or click the button to choose a file.
  2. If your TSV file was exported from either Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, do the following:
    1. Click Preferences in the Templater panel to launch Templater Preferences.
    2. Check the Tab delimited data exported from Excel or Numbers checkbox. If your tab-delimited file was exported from a different application such as Google Sheets, leave this checkbox unchecked.

NOTE  Tab-separated value format is different from comma-separated value (CSV) format. Templater is not currently compatible with files in CSV format.