Using Templater > Source Footage Location > Setting up a Footage Folder

Setting up a Footage Folder

Follow these steps to organize and link to a source footage folder:

  1. Create a single folder anywhere on your machine’s drive or local network for each After Effects project configured for Templater.
  2. Within this single assets folder, create subfolders for audio, images, and video, and organize the footage assets accordingly. These folders should contain the digital photo, video, and music files that Templater will import into your After Effects project.
  3. Once your footage assets are organized, return to After Effects to set the source footage folder in the Templater panel. In the Templater panel, under Batch Assets, either type the path to the single asset folder you created into the Footage folder field or use thebutton to choose the appropriate folder.

NOTE  When you reference any footage files in your data source, note that those file paths must be relative to the path specified in the Footage folder field.