Using Templater > Data Source > Tab-separated Value Files > Setting up a TSV File as a Data Source

Setting up a TSV File as a Data Source

Follow these steps to set up a tab separated value file (tab-delimited file) for use as a Templater data source:

  1. Select a software application to create the spreadsheet that will be your data source. You can choose Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Numbers by Apple.

    NOTE  TSV and JSON plain text files must be UTF-8 character-encoded to ensure that Templater can read all international language characters.

  2. Export your spreadsheet from the application to a TSV file. See the documentation for your spreadsheet application to learn how.
  3. When setting up your spreadsheet, ensure that the name of each dynamic layer within the project file corresponds to a column name in your spreadsheet.
  4. Depending on the dynamic layer, input text, paths or URLs to footage sources, or hex color values into rows under corresponding columns. Enter local footage reference paths relative to the path specified in the Footage folder field in the Templater panel under Batch Assets.

NOTE  There are reserved column names that you should avoid using when naming dynamic layers in your compositions.  Using reserved column names can cause errors when Templater processes your data source. See Reserved Column Names to learn which labels to avoid.