Using Templater > Data Source > Tab-separated Value Files > Switching between Project Files within a Single Spreadsheet

Switching between Project Files within a Single Spreadsheet

You can switch between AE project templates on a per-row basis within the same data source. You might want to do this if you have two or more template project files that need to make use of the same data.

NOTE  In order to switch between projects within the same spreadsheet, your AE project files must open without error. Missing fonts or missing effects will halt the process.

  1. Create a column in your spreadsheet with the column header aep.
  2. In each cell in the aep column, specify an absolute file reference path to a project file that has been prepared for use with Templater.
  3. Specify a target composition in your project that you want Templater to version. Refer to Specifying a Target Composition to learn more.
  4. In the Templater panel, in the Render row _____ through ____ fields, enter a range of objects from your data source that you want Templater to process.

    NOTE  When referring to row range, use the ordinal position of the objects in the JSON array. Ordinal numbering starts at 1 rather than 0.

  5. Click Render or Replicate, depending on which functionality you need.