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Templater Editions

Templater is currently available as three separate editions, each with a specific feature set. Read our handy descriptions below to see which edition or combination of editions is right for your studio.

ClosedTemplater Rig

Templater Rig allows you to prepare an After Effects project file for dynamic content, map data from a data source to your project file, and preview how dynamic elements change as information from your data source is processed.

ClosedTemplater Pro

Templater Pro extends Templater Rig by offering desktop automation, allowing you to render or replicate batches of versioned compositions using data from your data source. You can prepare an After Effects project file for dynamic content, map data from a data source to your layers, preview, replicate, and render.

ClosedTemplater Bot

Templater Bot is a fully automated enterprise solution for custom video on demand. It works as an automated system. You can use it to check for incoming data periodically, pull new data in, and render video as a background process. Or you can use a command line interface to push data in to create new renders. Once your AE project is initially prepared, you can use Templater Bot to customize and render it without operating the After Effects user interface. Developers can create front end applications, such as web or mobile apps, that feed data into Templater's data source, offering a collaborative, custom video content creation solution.

Table 1: Feature Comparison for Templater Editions

Feature Rig Pro Bot
Use a JSON-formatted Text File as Data Source
Use a Google Sheets Document as Data Source
Use a Tab-separated Value File as Data Source
Use a Remote JSON URL Feed as a Data Source
Local Footage References
Cloud-based Footage References
Apply Layout Rules
Project-specific Batch Assets Presets
Preview Compositions with Data
Log Templater Activity to File
Batch Replicate Compositions  
Batch Render Compositions  
Batch Render with Adobe Media Encoder  
Custom Output File Naming  
Switch AE Projects within the Data Source  
Run Shell Scripts while Templater Processes    
Command-line Interface Control    
Version AE Projects as a Background Process    
Process Extremely Large Data Sources