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Upgrading Templater

The Templater panel installed with Templater 1.0 through 1.1.2 is compatible with the Templater Settings 2.0 plugin. This means that if you have Templater 1.1.2 installed when you install Templater 2.0, you will see both Templater.jsxbin and Templater 2.jsxbin in the Window menu of After Effects. Upon upgrading, your system will have Templater Rig as well as Templater 1.1.2.

We encourage you to upgrade to Templater Pro or Templater Bot to enjoy the expanded feature set that these editions offer. However, you can continue to make use of the render and replicate features of Templater 1.1.2 while using Templater Rig to rig your After Effects project files.

WARNING  Running both Templater.jsxbin and Templater 2.jsxbin concurrently will result in unexpected results. Either launch Templater.jsxbin or Templater 2.jsxbin at any time, but not both.

  1. Ensure that the user account you are logged in on has administrator privileges.
  2. Quit After Effects.
  3. Unzip the product download file,
  4. Double click Templater2_Setup.exe for Windows installation or Templater 2.pkg for OSX installation.
  5. Follow the installation wizard prompts.
  6. To verify that upgrading is complete, following these steps:
    1. Launch the Adobe After Effects version that you selected in the Templater installer.
    2. Click About in the Templater Settings effect controls. Ensure that you see version v2.0.0.
    3. Click Preferences on the Templater panel. In the Templater Preferences panel, click About. Verify that you are running Version 2.0.
  7. Re-authorize Templater to access your Google Drive if the previous installation was already authorized.
  8. Once upgrading is complete, you will find a folder on your desktop named Templater Upgrade Backup which contains directions for reverting Templater 2.0 to Templater 1.1.2.