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What's New

The team at Dataclay has listened to you, our valued customers, and worked to re-architect Templater's entire codebase, improving overall performance, fixing long-standing bugs, and adding a number of exciting new features. Templater now ships as three separate editions, each with a specific feature set. See Templater Editions to note which features are in each edition.


New Enhanced Features:

  • The Bot for Templater Simplify your workflow with a fully automated enterprise solution for custom video on demand.
  • Command-line interface Engage with Templater processes through shell commands.
  • Event Scripts Hook into Templater's processes using scripts after each job is processed or after all jobs are processed.

New Standard Features

  • Support for JSON Use a JSON-formatted text file or a remote URL with a JSON formatted data feed as a data source.
  • Cloud-based footage support Use URLs as footage sources.
  • Logging system Record a sequence of actions by Templater for later review.
  • Improved previewing Cycle through previews or preview one row at a time.
  • Project-specific presets Save Batch Assets information within the project file to quickly open and link a pre-existing project.
  • Switching between AE project templates in the same data source Use the same spreadsheet or JSON file to hold data for multiple AE projects.
  • More ways to specify a target composition Set the target comp from within the data source or the AE project.
  • Custom output file naming Easily name your output files.
  • New dynamic layer type The Templater Settings effect can now be applied to adjustment layers.