Target Composition

A target composition is the composition in an After Effects project that Templater processes for output. You can use different methods to select a target composition. If none of the methods are used or if Templater cannot find a composition to use as a target, Templater will display an error.

You can specify the target composition in three ways. Each way is useful for a particular scenario.

  • Target from data source If you need to switch between target compositions while versioning your project, use a target column in your data source. This method of selecting a target composition overrides all other methods.
  • Default target from preferences If you need to version a single composition, you can set the target composition in the Templater Preferences dialog.
  • Default target from project If you want to version a single composition, but you don't want to go to the Templater Preferences dialog to select a target, you can specify a target within the AE project panel instead. This method will save the target composition to the project file. When you reopen the project file, the target composition will still be set. This method will override a target composition specified in the Templater Preferences.