Setting up Your Data Source for a Single Bot

A data source for use with The Bot is set up in same way as a standard Templater data source, but it contains at least two additional columns.

You have the choice to use one or more Bots to process your data source into output. Follow these steps to set up a single Bot:

  1. Create a new column in your spreadsheet, and name it render-status. Values in this column should only contain reserved terms or remain empty.
  2. You, or your application, should only input the value ready into the render-status column or empty the cell by deleting its value. Templater updates the render-status column with the other reserved terms.
  3. Enter ready into the render-status column to signify that data in a spreadsheet row should be processed by Templater.

TIP Because it is fully automated, The Bot will overwrite existing files if it is set to render to the same output file name. Make sure your id or output column contains unique values for each row to avoid overwriting output.

WARNING  When using a URL feed, The Bot cannot update the value of the "render-status" key because the data source is specific to the user's system. Therefore, users should register custom scripts to update "render-status" values at appropriate events to avoid re-rendering "ready" data. As of version 2.1.10, the Post Job, Post Batch, and On Bot Disable events are broadcast.

Table showing all reserved terms, where they are updated from, and their meaning

render-status values Update source Meaning
ready User or Front-end Application Data in the spreadsheet row is marked as ready for processing by Templater.
queued Templater Data row is queued for processing by Templater.
processing Templater Data row is currently being processed by Templater.
done Templater Templater has finished processing the data row into a customized video.