Creating Custom Output File Names

You can set a custom output file name for each render job or replicated comp from within your data source by using an output column.

NOTE  For output naming purposes, values in an output column override values specified in an id column.

  1. Create a new column in your spreadsheet, and label it output.
  2. Specify the desired output file name for each row into the output column.
  3. (Optional) If you want to sort your outputs into sub-folders within the Output destination, you can prepend a relative file path to the beginning of your output value. If your Destination path is C:\path\to\renders, and the output value in your data is subfolder/filename, then filename.<ext> will be created in C:\path\to\renders\subfolder

TIP You can use the concatenate function of your spreadsheet application to create output column values based on the values of other column names combined together.

TIP Avoid using a period character in custom output names to avoid AE output errors.

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