Rendering a Batch of Versioned Replicas

Follow these steps to load versioned replicas of the target composition into AE’s render queue.

Before you begin, ensure all of the following conditions are met:

  • The Templater Settings effect has been applied to all layers intended to be dynamic.
  • Column names or property keys in your data source match the names of dynamic layers.
  • A data source, footage folder, and output folder are entered into the fields in the Batch Assets section of the Templater panel.
  1. In the Templater panel, click Preferences to launch Templater Preferences. Check the Add replicates to Render Queue checkbox. If Send replicates to Adobe Media Encoder (CC Only) checkbox is already checked, uncheck it. Click OK.
  2. In the Templater panel, under Transport, enter a valid data range from your data source that the batch render will process.

    NOTE  Start row must be greater than 1 for Google Sheets and tabbed-delimited files. For JSON object arrays, start row must be greater than 0. Also, the end row must always be greater than the start row.

  3. Click Replicate. Templater will begin to version your target composition and replicate it into new compositions.
  4. A folder named [TEMPLATER COMPS] appears in your project panel. In that folder are subfolders containing replicated target compositions and any of their nested compositions.
  5. Display the Render Queue panel, and review its queue.
  6. In the Render Queue panel click Render.