Working with Campaigns

Campaigns encompass your project; they are a logical container of Jobs for re-versioning Autografs and rendering output. With Campaigns you can manage and control how many renders your client gets, assign rendering resources, and more. You can directly link Templater to a Campaign for iterating through previews of its Jobs by using Templater's transport controls. When Bot is enabled Templater can read and process Jobs stored in any of your Campaigns.

After your first Autograf and Satellite are added to QUE, you can easily create a new Campaign using the QUE Dash. When you create a Campaign you choose its default Autograf and Satellite which newly inserted Jobs can reference. As the Campaign begins to accumulate Jobs, you can setup a filter to inspect or process only the Jobs you want. Filtering can be set in both the QUE Dash or Templater.

In the QUE Dash you can configure Campaigns to mask, or otherwise encrypt, specific properties of its Jobs. When Templater retrieves Job data with masked properties, it will decrypt them immediately before the data displays in a layer or renders into output. In this way, you can safely store demographic and personal data into QUE.

You can also use The QUE Dash to view a Campaign's processing statistics. For example, you can learn which Satellites are assigned to Jobs in your Campaign, how many Jobs each Satellite has processed, and when its last output was created.