What is QUE?

QUE is the optimal data source with an API to leverage the full capabilities of Templater to produce dynamic videos. QUE frees you from the scalability constraints of traditional tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets, which become unwieldy as the volume and complexity of your video production needs grow. Scale and speed up data integration with a flexible, secure data source for your dynamic video content.

This site serves as Dataclay's knowledge base for QUE, but we have additional resources to help you as well.

Additional resources

Dataclay QUE

Are you a producer, designer, or editor?

You can use the QUE Dash to easily manage your template versioning data quickly. If you are a regular spreadsheets user, the QUE Dash will feel familiar even though it is different. In a point-and-click manner, you can setup Campaigns and begin inserting rendering Jobs into those campaigns. Once a Campaign contains a set of Jobs, Templater can begin to process those Jobs into output.

Videos for designers |

The Four Components of QUE

Add a Autograf, or an AE project rigged with Templater

Batch Data Import and Rendering Basics


Are you a developer?

Are you building an app or service that empowers end-users to create customized video content on demand? Connect QUE to your own app so that your users can easily author quality video the way you prefer.

The QUE API is intended for professional developers with integration experience who need a secure way to incorporate auto-customized video content into their own apps. We know security is a priority for developers, and so QUE offers Field Level Masking for scrambling sensitive demographic data while all data is Encrypted-at-Rest using the AES-256-GCM specification. Your data is safe moving from your apps to QUE.

To get the most out of QUE, users should have access to Adobe After Effects and Dataclay's Templater Bot software.

Check out the links below to find how the QUE API can work for you:

Videos for Developers |

Using Templater Bot with QUE
Custom Application Integration