Using QUE with Templater

Signing into your QUE Account

  1. In Templater's main interface, click the QUE Dash logo and then click Sign In.
  2. A browser will open allowing you to log in through a universal login page.

Filtering Campaign Jobs for Processing

  1. After signing in and Linking a Campaign, click the magnifying glass icon. In the Job Selection Setup window, you can filter by:

    • ID - Enter the Job ID found in the QUE Dash .
    • Render Status - Choose any one of the four statuses: Ready, Queued, Processing, or Done.
    • Properties - Enter any of the specific values listed in the JSON data, e.g. a specific layer name.
    • Creation Date - Choose a range of times when jobs were created. These can be processed in Ascending or Descending order.
  2. After selecting your parameters, click the QUE Inspector button to see a list of the jobs to be processed. Once you have verified that everything is listed correctly, close the Inspector and click Save on the Job Selection Setup window.

Understanding Templater’s Pagination

  • The Query Results section in the Job Selection Setup window of Templater allows you to determine the pagination settings.

  • The Results Page setting indicates which page of jobs you will see if you click Open QUE Inspector

    The Jobs Per Page setting indicates how many jobs will display in the Inspector window, ranging from 5 to 200.

  • Mark the Processing Additional Pages checkbox to manually enter how many pages to process.

  • Example: If you have a campaign with 500 jobs, and 200 are already done, you can filter by job status, setting the job count to Page 1 at 200 per page. Then enabling the Process Additional Pages setting and enter 1 into the field. Then save your settings. This will allow Templater to process all 300 outstanding jobs.

Previewing Jobs inside After Effects

After Signing into QUE (above), Linking a Campaign, and Filtering Campaign Jobs (above), you can preview the jobs within After Effects by using the forward or backward arrows in the Preview Data Merge section. This cycles through the different job properties, allowing you to preview how each one will look.