Working with Jobs

Jobs are sets of properties, stored as JSON within QUE, that can be applied to one or more AutografsClosed Autografs are master video templates authored with Dataclay's Templater software. Data is merged into an Autograf by way of Templater.. You add Jobs to your CampaignsClosed A named collection, or series, of Jobs within QUE. from the QUE DashboardClosed A web based application that allows QUE users to manage, Jobs, Campaigns, and Satellites. or from your own application that interfaces with QUE's API endpoints. To create video using QUE, use Templater to merge Job data into dynamic elements within your Autograf and let your SatellitesClosed A machine running a video authoring application like Adobe After Effects as well as Dataclay's Templater Bot software. You control and configure this machine to read data stored in QUE. render that data-merged Autograf to an output file. Job properties include your videos’ customization data as well as configurations for controlling the behavior of your video authoring application, like Adobe After Effects. For example, a Job's properties can be configured such that it can inform After Effects which render settings and output module it will to use, and to set the name of the output asset.

To summarize, we can describe Jobs in relation to QUE's other components:

  • Job data merges into an Autograf.
  • Campaigns contain a series of Jobs.
  • Satellites process Jobs into video output.