Command Line Interface for Templater

Templater ships with command line interface (CLI) control in the Templater Bot edition only. Most controls found in the Templater Panel are configurable via a command line options file. Invoking the CLI is a bit different on OSX than on Windows, so note specific instructions for each operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Templater's CLI

When should I use Templater's CLI?
When your application needs a way to automatically generate and integrate versioned, professional, video content.

How do I start Templater from the Windows Command Prompt or the OSX Terminal?
Review Getting Started with Templater's Command Line Interface for details. You will need to download a special launcher script from Dataclay's GitHub repositories where you will also find example code and useful files to help get you started.

How can I make calls to Templater's CLI from my application?
Your application's framework should allow your code to execute scripts in the operating system's shell. By doing so, your app can execute tasks for creating versioned video content.

How do I know what Templater is doing when I run it through the CLI?
Templater logs to a file that you can inspect to see what it's doing.

What kinds of data sources can I use with the CLI?
You can use local JSON and TSV files or Google Sheets documents with the CLI. TSV will not work if you are using the CLI to launch the Bot.