Optimizing After Effects for The Bot

If you enable The Bot for an extended period of time, Templater's versioning process might slow down as it keeps on receiving more and more data. This happens due to the way After Effects caches data when layer properties change. Layer caching works well when you are operating After Effects manually because it allows you to quickly restore changes. While this is great for manual work, it is not optimal when leaving The Bot enabled. You can turn off this feature in After Effects' preferences.

Follow these steps to turn off layer caching to optimize After Effects performance:

  1. Start After Effects.
  2. Open After Effects' Preferences dialog while holding down the SHIFT key. On Windows, go to Edit > Preferences > General while holding down SHIFT. On OSX, go to Application Menu > Preferences > General while holding down SHIFT.
  3. On the left, at the bottom of the list of preference categories, click Secret.
  4. Ensure the checkbox next to Disable Layer Cache is checked.
  5. Set the number of frames to 0 in Purge Every ____ Frames During Make Movie.
  6. Click OK.