Using the Bot to Render with Adobe Media Encoder

  1. Open the Adobe Media Encoder.
  2. In the Adobe Media Encoder panel, add a new watch folder.
  3. For the watch folder, select the output folder that you specified in the Templater panel, Batch Assets group.

    WARNING  Using a cloud-based output folder can result in errors when using Adobe Media Encoder as your render engine. Use a local or networked folder instead.

  4. In the Templater panel, click Preferences to launch Templater Preferences.
  5. In the Templater Preferences dialog, in Bot Settings, click the Replicate check box.
  6. In the Templater Preferences dialog, in Replication, click the Send replicates to Adobe Media Encoder checkbox.
  7. Ensure that your data source is connected to your AE project.
  8. Enable, or turn on, The Bot. See Enabling and Disabling The Bot for more information.

NOTE  As it processes your data, Templater removes replicates from the project automatically to conserve space on your hard drive.