Introducing Templater for Adobe After Effects

What is Templater?

Templater is a workflow automation tool for Adobe After Effects. Its main purpose is to turn the arduous task of customizing video content into an elegant workflow solution. Enhanced features provide an automated enterprise solution for video on demand and command-line interface control.

With Templater Adobe After Effects users automate video versioning through a streamlined interface that transforms text, footage, and solids into dynamic layers that update as Templater processes an external data source. Once dynamic layers update, Templater can render the result to video or generate new unique compositions.

How does it work?

  • Templater ships with a custom effect and a panel installed into After Effects' application folders, integrating seamlessly into users’ normal workflow.
  • Users feed customization data directly into After Effects from a data source. Templater can read flat tab-delimited files, Google Sheets documents, or JSON-formatted text files.
  • Users tag video composition layers as dynamic with a custom effect and then map spreadsheet data to those layers.
  • For each row in a spreadsheet or object in a JSON array, Templater updates each tagged layer with its mapped data and automatically scales, aligns, and adjusts it according to rules defined within the effect. Templater's layout engine automatically adjusts dynamic layers to produce a finely crafted composition. It then either renders or replicates the user’s desired composition.
  • Users take advantage of either Templater's graphical user interface or The Bot and its command line interface to achieve results.

What problem does it address?

Templater was made to improve the process and workflow of producing targeted video based on various external data sources. As organizations mine and store more information, they need ways of leveraging this data to create meaningful connections with customers in markets across the world. Big data can drive media content, but video producers need a way to easily insert information into custom video without tediously replacing assets one by one.

New features address organizations' needs for complete automation.  Now with Templater, users can create custom, professionally designed video on-demand without a human operator.

ClosedSuggested Uses for Templater

  • Customizing network branding graphics: stings, interstitials, and overlays

  • Integrating social media content into video

  • Localizing text to be rendered into video

  • Targeting and personalizing video advertisements and communication campaigns

  • Producing video content for e-commerce platforms

  • Producing video for indoor and outdoor digital signage

  • Customizing video slideshows of photo streams

  • Quality assuring video templates

Who is it for?

  • Content creators who want to maximize their video messaging by efficiently customizing and personalizing content and distributing it to specific market segments or individuals.
  • Professionals who use After Effects as a central part of their media production process who want to increase their productivity.
  • Software Developers and IT professionals who need to integrate video versioning into their pre-existing pipelines or toolchains