Reserved Column Names

The following column names are reserved for specific use by Templater. Using these column names as dynamic layer names can cause an error in processing your data source. Column names are case-sensitive.

Templater Reserved Column Names and JSON Keys

Column Name or JSON Key Notes Learn More
id By default, Templater identifies outputs using the row index from a spreadsheet or the index position of a JSON object within an array. While this column is not required, we recommend that you use it to designate your own identifying labels for output. The id value is appended to output file names if no output column is included or if the output column is blank. Specifying a Unique ID for Each Spreadsheet Row
target Templater allows users to set which composition from the project file will be processed for output. If no composition with the specified name can be found in the project, or if this column is not included in the spreadsheet, Templater will process the default target composition. Specifying a Target Composition
output Including an output column in your spreadsheet allows you to set a name for the output file for each render job. If you choose not to include the output column, Templater will devise an output file name for you. Creating Custom Output File Names
aep You can switch between After Effects project templates on a per-row basis within the same data source using the aep column. Values in the aep column must be absolute file reference paths. Switching between Project Files within a Single Spreadsheet
render-status To use your data source with The Bot, you must include a render-status column. This column tracks the status of a versioning job. It denotes whether a row of data is ready for versioning, queued to process, currently processing, or done. If Templater encounters an error while processing, it may set this to an error label such as ERR::MEDIA or ERR::AFXHOST Setting up Your Data Source for a Single Bot
bot To process a data source with multiple Bots, you must include a bot column or JSON key.

Setting up Your Data Source for Multiple Bots

module You can specify an After Effects output module for rendered output. The values here are case sensitive. Official After Effects documentation about output modules
render-settings You can specify the After Effects render settings template for rendered output. The values in this column are case sensitive. Official After Effects documentation about render settings