Workflows and Best Practices

QUE requires a specific workflow to make its components work together. This article covers the order of that workflow at a high level. For more information on definitions and terminology, please see QUE Definitions.

  1. To begin, Add an Autograf using Templater for Adobe After Effects. Learn more about the Templater plugin on the Dataclay website.
  2. Then Add a Satellite from within the Templater panel.
  3. NOTE  After you add your first Autograf and Satellite to QUE, you can continue reusing them as desired for new Campaigns or Jobs.

  4. Next, inside the QUE Dash, Create a Campaign for the rendering work you want to perform.
  5. Add or import Jobs into the Campaign from the QUE Dash or from your own app that integrates with QUE's endpoints.

Now that your Jobs are organized in your Campaigns, you can start using Templater to preview how Job data looks inside of your video compositions, batch render your output, or turn on The Bot for Templater to automatically create your output assets.