Working with Satellites

Templater is required to run on the host machine used to add a Satellite to QUE. When Templater adds a Satellite it first profiles the host machine and then sends that profile to QUE. While profiling, Templater inspects various properties about the machine's hardware as well as the relevant software required to process and render your Jobs. For example, some profiled properties include Templater's output path, its version number, as well as the machine's operating system, its root drive capacity, the amount of installed RAM, and a list of all installed fonts and effects.

When you have Satellites added to your QUE account, you can assign them to process Jobs that you select. To successfully render a Job into an output asset, a Satellite must have the Job's referenced Autograf installed along with any of its dependencies like fonts and effects. This means that you must adopt a workflow that lets you deploy an Autograf's changes and its dependencies to your Satellites. You can use a sync folder service installed on the Satellite to ensure Autografs are always up to date between your authoring workstation and your Satellites.

As Jobs begin to accumulate in your Campaigns, you can augment your rendering power by adding new Satellites to QUE and assigning them to sets of Job for processing. Your QUE Plan comes with a certain amount of Satellite slots, but you can purchase more slots if necessary for your fleet of rendering machines.