Managing Floating Licenses

A floating license is one that can move between machines easily and automatically. You manage a pool of floating licenses using a special server software application.

ClosedWhat is a Floating License?

Templater can lease a license from a pool of licenses managed by server software that you install, setup, and activate. When After Effects quits, Templater's license is released and returned to the pool of licenses. If the machine After Effects is running on is no longer available, the server software will release the license after a user-specified amount of time. The server setup files are provided with your Templater installation files. You will also need to connect the machines running Templater to the licensing server.

TIP This configuration is particularly useful when using virtual machines. If you use the regular license, every time you spin up a new virtual machine, Templater will need to be activated manually.

ClosedSetting up the Licensing Server

  1. To set up your floating license server open your Templater installation files.
  2. In the Floating Installers folder, expand the TurboFloat Server folder.
  3. Expand the folder for your operating system.

    NOTE  Currently only the Linux version of the TurboFloat Server is accessible in the Templater installation package. We are still determining the compatibility of the Windows and Mac versions of TurboFloat Server. For early access to the Windows/Mac versions, please submit a ticket to


  1. Select the appropriate installation file. In a Linux terminal, run the shell file named sudo Enter your administrator password.
  1. The wizard will guide you through setting the options for your server. You can also modify these options by editing the TurbofloatServer-config.xml file after you have installed the server.

    TIP For each setting, specify the option's value and press Enter. You can also press Enter without specifying a value to accept the default setting.

  1. Enter the key code you received upon purchasing a floating license for Templater.
  2. Indicate the port you want the TurboFloat Server to bind to.
  3. Enter the amount of time in seconds a license lease should last or press Enter to accept the default. This is the frequency that Templater renews its lease from the server. When a machine running After Effects is shut down, this is the maximum amount of time that must pass before the license that was being used is released and returned to the pool.
  4. Specify the desired location of the server log file.
  5. Specify the path to where you want install the server. Then confirm the path.

    NOTE  By default, the installation wizard installs the server to /opt/dataclay/

  6. Enter the number for the processor build you want to install.

    WARNING  Selecting the wrong architecture for the licensing server may prevent the server from running properly. Before starting the wizard, you may need to run /proc/cpuinfo or lscpu to determine the underlying processor architecture.

  1. The server will now create and install the TurbofloatServer-config.xml file.
  2. The wizard attempts to activate and start the server and then displays tips on using the TurboFloat Server.

    TIP If the server does not start successfully, re-run the installation wizard and enter different options or edit the TurbofloatServer-config.xml file and restart the server.

ClosedConnecting Templater to the Licensing Server

  1. When installing Templater, you will need to select and run the corresponding installation file for your operating system in the Floating Installers folder included in the Templater installation files.
  2. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. Click here for more information on general installation.
  3. After the installation is complete, launch After Effects and click Preferences in the Templater panel.
  4. In the Templater Features Floating section, click License Server.
  5. Indicate the IP address for the licensing server and the port that you specified during setup.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Then restart Templater for the changes to take effect.
  8. In this same section in Preferences, the following buttons are available:
    • License Info - Displays the licensing server's IP address/port and the Templater edition information for the license in use.
    • Request License - Requests an available license from the server's pool.
    • Drop License - Releases the lease on the license, returning the license key to the server's pool of available licenses.